The Bee Course is open to all interested individuals.  Priority will be given to those biologists to whom the course will have significant impact on their research and/or teaching.  An entomological background in not required.  The Bee Course, presented in English, is limited to 24 participants.

How to Apply:
Using the link at the bottom of this page, complete the Bee Course application form and include a statement detailing your reasons for wishing to take the course.  We also require one letter of support from someone who can speak to your qualifications and interest in the course.  Please direct your reference to send the letter of support to Paige Muñiz at   All documents must be received by the application deadline (03.01.2023) to be considered.

Deadline for Applications: March 1, 2023. 
Any applications received after March 1 will not be considered.  Please be aware that we must receive all documents (application, statement of interest, and letter of support) by        March 1, 2023.  If your application is incomplete, you will be removed from the candidate pool.  You will be notified of your acceptance to the course by April 15, 2023.
Important: Applicants are responsible for confirming that letters of support are sent prior to the application deadline.

Additional Information:
For additional information, or if you have specific questions about the Bee Course, please send all requests via e-mail to Paige Muñiz at